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Die Abenteuer von Einstein das Wundermeerschweinchen!

Und sein unsterbliches Streben nach Pfirsiche!

Einstein the Wonder Pig
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I'm a guinea pig. I was born blind, deaf, and without front teeth. People seem to think I'm a "lethal white" which is what happens when guinea pigs with certain kinds of hair are bred together, the babies get two of the genes for the hair and come out sickly and all white, which I am. But I've lived longer than most lethal whites have!

I also have back teeth that grow funny, so I have to keep getting them trimmed! I hate it!

My mommy is suzi_queue and my daddy is fatchristoph. My brother's journal is jackiethewacky! I like my brother! He's fun to play with! Daddy's fat new wife has a journal, dontcuddleme.

I like it when my grandma cantstopthedawn syringe-feeds me! I don't like feeding myself. It's too boring.

My very favorite food is PEACHES!!!
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